About Us

Proform Interior Construction, Inc., was formed in 2014 by Jimmy Pettit and Reid Schneider, who have a combined construction experience of 43 years. Jimmy’s career has focused on commercial, high-rise warranty and maintenance construction, along with HOA services. Reid’s focus has mainly been with high-rise interior new construction. They wanted to combine their experience and build a family-owned business with the highest ethical standards. It’s important to both of them that Proform builds and fosters lasting, strong relationships with our clients, as well as our employees.

All Proform’s work is done in house. Our team is comprised of seasoned journeymen who specialize in all areas of new construction, occupied spaces, waterproofing and destructive testing. Our employees are valued and respected. Most, if not all, our team has come to us through word of mouth and through the relationships both Jimmy and Reid have built throughout their years in the construction business. All are vetted and insured. Our employees are our backbone and we are proud of the work they put out.